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Riverflow Has a Website!

I´m so excited to share this news! 2023´s Pink Full Moon marks the launch of my Riverflow Acupuncture´s website!

This has been a major turning point for me and the only way is forward and upwards. New and current patients can now book sessions with me in Brighton and Hove easily and quickly. Plus, I will be writing in the blog section so please make sure to subscribe.

This all came to be thanks to Syl R. Martin holding and guiding me all the way through.

Syl is an all-round brand, digital and marketing powerhouse with over 15 years of experience. She is like several agencies in one person, providing top notch branding and digital strategy, web, eCommerce, digital marketing and multimedia content services.

I couldn´t believe how expertly, smoothly, fast and efficiently she delivered in all the aspects I needed to make Riverflow Acupunture a reality.

Don´t hesitate to hire her for your project! Everyone needs a Syl in their life and business.

You can contact her on her website:


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